Friday, September 4, 2009

"Use seatbelts" advetrisement

The advertisement which is about using seatbelts in cars begins with calm music and a beautiful landscape as a background. Then the sound of a crash can be hear and you see the “soul” of the dead people in car, going up to heaven expect one men which was wearing his seatbelt. In this advertisement, there is neither dialogue nor narrator and the tone of the ad is very serious. The music in the ad reinforces the idea that the seatbelt is a saviour, that it can save your life if a car accident happens. Special effects (the spirits) are use in the advertisement. Without them, it couldn’t have been made. Also, at the end of this advertisement, the words “Heaven can wait. Belt up” appears which one more time reinforces the seatbelt importance. This ad is targeting people around 20-30 years old that are driving because the three people in the car are around this age. This advertisement intention is about the security on the road and it perfectly delivers his message.

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