Friday, September 4, 2009

Molson Canadian beer ad

In the Molson Canadian beer commercial the company use an original idea to advertise their product. It is a guy on a stage with a big screen behind him displaying images related to Canadians. The ad uses myths about Canadians to make it look funny and more attractive. The guy on the stage doesn’t really have a dialogue; it’s more a monologue that comes with a dramatic music to push the effect further. To make the commercial even more interesting, the company use various camera angles. The tone is humorous and serious at the same time. The target audience is essentially young Canadian because in the commercial the actor looks young and the speech is about Canadian. They want the people to watch that commercial and see themselves in that guy because they’re proud of being Canadian. He drinks Canadian beer so they want to drink it. Personally we think that the ad is effective because it delivers the message clearly and shortly. The only problem with the commercial is that the product only targets a small public: the Canadians.

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