Friday, September 25, 2009

The REAL Digital Natives

ENA students are clearly the real digital natives while CEM students are merely digital immigrants. The statistical result shows this. Among the students, 48.9 % of ENA students versus only 35.9 % of CEM students accept technology when asked how they feel about it. Also 2.6 % of CEM students versus 0 % of ENA students claim to be uncomfortable with electronic devices. Furthermore, we can observe that ENA students are more likely to use a computer for varied reasons with 75 % using one for both work and entertainment whereas only 59 % of CEM students use computers this way. In addition, ENA students have a bigger tendency to get their news from technological devices such as television, radio and internet. CEM students mostly get their news from friends and family which is far from being technological. Finally, ENA students show a better understanding of the dangers of technology. Indeed, 38.5 % of CEM students blindly assume a news report is true and will feel better informed. Only 25 % of ENA students react this way. For their part, ENA students show that they are more aware that many journalists give their own point of view and are trying to influence our opinion. In conclusion, ENA students are more at ease with technology and use it better than their CEM counterparts. They are the clear digital natives.
Bob and Hugo

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