Friday, September 4, 2009

Funding for the Arts.

The ad starts with a famous French Canadian singer trying to promote his culture to English Canadian jury to get some money to promote his culture in France. The ad is filled with funny dialogs. In fact, dialogs between French and English speaking Canadians are funny because it shows a couple of misunderstandings. While the French Canadian is singing his song, the jury understands few words that may sound vulgar in English. At the beginning and at the end of the ad, we can hear the narrator to put us in the concept of the ad. The ad does use music, but not as background music, but as a sign of French Canadian culture. The jury isn’t as clear as the singer is. It looks like it represents darkness. At the end, we can see a big printed statistic that clearly shows the idea of the ad. The target audience is all the French speaking Canadians, and not for the English speaking Canadians. The main goal of this ad is to persuade us that our culture is very important and we should fund it. The statistic they give us at the end greatly shows that it is important to promote our culture around the world, even in an economical view.

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