Friday, September 25, 2009

Longueuil Students Are Obviously Digital Natives

For multiple reasons, CEM students are obviously Digital Natives. We concluded this based on the results obtained by a survey given to all the students of the class of English from both campuses, which are ENA (Saint-Hubert) and CEM (Longueuil). The students from the CEM chose that they loved at 56.4% the technology, but here in ENA, we accept it and love it equally at approximately 47%. In Longueuil city, the students share more stuff on the internet than people in Saint-Hubert campus. A lot more blogs are created there too, 30.8% of the learners at Longueuil do it instead of 2.1% here. More CEM scholars use the computer mainly for work, and more people use it for entertainment, here we use it for half and half. Every disciple at the CEM knew what a blog was and some Digital Natives were also some expert creators, 5.1%. Here, 6.3% didn’t even know what a blog was. Much more people at Longueuil upload stuff on the net than here in Saint-Hubert, that gives us the final reason why the apprentices of CEM are Digital Natives. Briefly, at the ENA, the people are more serious on the computer than at Edouard-Monpetit, because they use it more for entertainment and communication.
Jérémy and André

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