Friday, September 4, 2009

Molson Beer (Canada)

The commercial features a man named Joe, who is standing in the front of the screen of a movie theatre. He is trying to define what a Canadian is and is not in his monologue. The commercial is using a humorous method to describe it, and camera angles are not putting him in the center. In the beginning, he is shy and searching for his words, but as the commercial moves on, he gains confidence in himself. In the end, the camera angles are centering on him. At the end, he is really valorising Canada, and at that moment, we see our Canadian flag, followed by the words “I AM CANADIAN”. At the moment the word CANADIAN appears, it’s shown on a glass being filled with Molson Canadian beer. This creates a climax at the end with the product, letting us know that true Canadians drink Molson Canadian beer.

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