Friday, September 25, 2009

Longueuil Rules the Digital World

It`s clearly shown that Longueuil student love technology more than ÉNA students. Longueuil students overpower the others in creating websites and blogs with 28.7 per percent greater than those of ÉNA. Furthermore, 12.8 per cent of Longueuil students post themselves as experts and creators when it comes to using You Tube and Facebook. The students at Longueuil are from a younger generation and are brought up with computers, so they are the digital natives. Statistics will show that 71.8 per cent of Longueuil students will get their news from the Internet opposed to TV and radio. Students at ÉNA use computers for work 2.1 per cent of the time opposed to Longueuil students who use it more. According to statistics, there are 2.6 per cent of students in Longueuil that aren’t comfortable using electronic devices; however, there is still more than half of the students that like technology. The statistics show that Longueuil students have better interest in using computer or technology than ENA students in every category. The fact that at Longueuil there are more women and that explains why there is a higher percentage of chatters, bloggers and Facebook users. In conclusion, students in Longueuil uses technology more than students in ENA and by far.

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