Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Girls Aren't Guinea Pigs

During our second week, we read an article which was talking about the different problems of a massive vaccine inocculation.

After the discussion, it appeared that a vaccine or a drug couldn't be developped without risk because there are so many different cases of reaction. The body of every people is not the same and reacts so differently with a drug or a vaccine. The body could react if it has different drug in it. The vaccine should be test during a long time before that a pharmacy could sell it.

We discussed too about those tests and every one agreed to say that it was very difficult to test vaccins because of the very expensive protocols of those tests. It's very difficult to test it because it depands on what the government wants to know and there are so many parametres. Finaly, the difficulties are coming from that the tests take place in clinicl areas and that's not a common environment and that's not the real life.

Me and my group finished on a positive thought. We talked about a possible vaccine developpement against the HIV. Every one agreed with this possibility, in a short or in a long way, because now we can be helped by the new technologies. But the more important is to go faster than the virus and don't let it developpe itself.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Radicaly soft.

During this discussion following our reading of the two articles "The Radicalism at our Doors" and "From Africa with Guns", we heard different points of view, showing that the questions asked were not understood in the way I intended them to. Despite that, it created interesting debates.

About the potential rising of risks for some terrorist attacks in Canada caused by its current involvement in the war in Afghanistan, it was mostly said that we were already on the list of potential targets anyway. Helping the US to make war puts us there. The terrorists do not need to immigrate here to be able to attack our land. One in the team still beleived in the old image of Canada participating only in peace missions and thought that we don’t look as bad as the US do with their war in Irak.

About the idea of refusing all the immigrants from certain countries ravaged by war or terrorism, everybody disgreed because we need to help those who need it. Potential immigrants can be screened and once accepted can be followed. One of the team beleived that every countries should agree on common rules for immigration.

About putting more energy on screening the immigrants before accepting them or on removing from our land the ones turned into terrorists or criminals, the team was sharing the idea that it was too expensive to rely only on the second possibility. We must refuse the dangerous people.

About getting fully integrated into the local population of a country where one would move, it appeared that it was important to everyone. Only one person showed some hesitation, saying that he would need at least to have 2 or 3 friends from the same country where he is from.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Radical Ideology In Canada

In this discussion, we talked about Canada's immigration policy and how it's too soft on refugees. The war in Afghanistan was also a subject we explored to see if it is the cause of the increase in radical ideology. But most important, we debated on how a small number of poeple with this type of ideology can effect global stability. We have come to conclude that they do have a geat effect.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gardasil....STRIKE ONE!!!!

In the discussion, we mainly talked about the victims of the vaccine and the role they played in the process of testing Gardasil. (They were manipulated!! Freaky!!!) We came to talk too about better methods to test new medicaments among population and consequences it could create. We finally discuss of the needs of Gardasil considering how easy it is to contract the HIV.

Conclusion folks: There could be a lot of solutions but that could be damn hard to put in practice!