Friday, September 11, 2009

The website is owned by a company which name is the same of their internet address. No names are given on the website. The formation of the people that sells the dehydrated water is unknown, so we don’t have any references about the product reliability. No links are present about the author/sponsor of this product, only phone numbers are given. No reputable sources and pertinent information are present. No spelling and grammatical errors are apparent. There is no information good for any research on this website because they only tell us that the water in the world is polluted and they give us testimonials about people that drink dehydrated water. There is no information on this website that can be found easily, because no valuable things are said on this website. The last update of the website is not given. The latest date given is in the year 2004. The links given are correct, but refers to things that have nothing in common to dehydrated water (example: ). The headquarters of the company is located in Los Angeles, CA. But there is no address given. The website is designed to tell people that water is polluted. They are trying to sell us “dehydrated water”. The way that the website is constructed let us doubt about the legitimacy of it. In the background of the site there is publicity about the product itself. It’s obliviously a hoax site. The information given on this site is worthless.

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