Friday, September 11, 2009

This site is obviously a hoax. There is no information about the author, the address of the company is not a real one, not having and actual street name or number and the phone number that is provided is actually a number to call telemarketing services (Google search). Though the text is generally error free, there are a couple spelling mistakes which reduces their credibility. As for the subject of the site, it is the main clue that the site is a hoax. This site promotes the sale of dehydrated water, which cannot exist by principal of dehydration. They basically sell you an empty package with the name dehydrated water on it. Also the site advertises career and franchise opportunities that are very sarcastic in nature such as Free transportation to work by mule″ or ″Ketchup packets from McDonalds″. Overall the site is pretty convincing and well made, but once you think about the concept itself and rummage through the site a bit to see the touches of humour, you soon realize that it is a scam.

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